Artificial Life from a Digital Sea

by Loch Awe

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'Artificial Life from a Digital Sea' is the debut album from Edinburgh folk band Loch Awe. The idea was conceived on July 29th 2010, and the record was written, recorded and released by August 30th.

Nice things people have said:

"...on record they’ve an instantly familiar air about them, a great addition to the capital’s burgeoning indie folk scene." - The Tidal Wave of Indifference

"Darling, Your Lover in particular is one of those songs which brought me back in from the next room to listen to. I am not sure what it is about it, but it’s a song I definitely find compelling for some reason, and that’s the magic ingredient I suppose." - Song, by Toad

"...the haunting The Ocean in Me [is] a gorgeous wee multi-instrumental Celtic march... a perfect introduction to a cracking wee set of songs..." - It's Bloggerin' Time

"Standout tracks 'Resign' and 'Lullaby From A Digital Sea' are quite staggering, multi-layered folk gems that won't fail to bring a smile to you face. Apparently, the watery Loch Awe is affectionately known as the 'Jewel of Argyll'. Might not be long before this folky Loch Awe are bestowed a similar honour. Best get used to the name, we'll be hearing a lot more from them I'm sure!" - Kowalskiy

"Loch Awe are the perfect soundtrack for a cool Autumn, now fast approaching, it will heal the souls of the troubled as they walk through a deserted coastal town, and it’ll make ache the hearts that find themselves reflected in the lyrics." - Argos Barks

"Loch Awe have surprised me. It isn’t that I doubted I would like a band that includes a ukulele in it’s ranks, it’s the fact that their debut album ‘Artificial Life From A Digital Sea‘ was written and recorded in a matter of weeks. If this wasn’t enough to impress me, they’ve only been together since the end of July. The Edinburgh outfit haven’t even played their first gig, yet the album sounds like it’s been a labour of love which has developed over time." - Elba Sessions

"Damn fine free debut EP/Album from fresh faced Edinburgh folk trio Loch Awe. Go download this now!" - Define Pop

"The latest young scamps to catch me off guard were Edinburgh folk outfit Loch Awe, they remind me a lot of bands like Foxface or even a bit of Meursault, it's indie pop with a Celtic tinge. I'm probably not doing it much justice, instead of reading my ramblings you should check out their debut album." - Peenko

"I love bands with a raw sound. Where you feel like you are in the room with them while they are playing. And I love bands that make music from the heart. That’s why I absolutely LOVE this album." - I'd Like To Think That This Is Love...

"This dreamy little folk treasure already is the soundtrack to my autumn." - Essay 2.0


released August 30, 2010

On this album Loch Awe are Jack McKay Fletcher, Joy Everett, Matthew Liam Healy and Oliver Roditi.
Invaluable musical help comes courtesy of Andrew Lindsay, Michael Mawdsley and Daniel Parry.

The album was recorded in a flat in Newington, (except for track 4, recorded in a flat in Old Town) Edinburgh and was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Jack McKay Fletcher & Matthew Liam Healy.


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Loch Awe Edinburgh, UK

Loch Awe is a doom folk band from Edinburgh.

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Track Name: The Ocean in Me
I was riding northwards
Right into the ocean
I was casting my nets
Straight into the sea
I was driven on by
Pieces of the ocean
I was carried on
By the ocean under me

I was out of my depth
Miles from the shoreline
I was treading water
That carried me free
I was dragged along by
Currents underwater
I was pulled away
By the ocean in me

Something changed
In my heart that day
Froze my limbs
And ignored my brain

I was growing bolder
Floating ever northwards, I
Left behind my family
To test my sanity
I was driven onto
An island in the water
Where I could spend eternity
Floating in the sea

When my feet they struck the
Floor of the ocean
They set my thoughts alight
Like a candle in the deep
Weights around my ankles
Shackled me to shorelines
I’ll stand and watch the water
And dream about the sea

Something changed
In my heart that day
Froze my limbs
And ignored my brain
Track Name: Into Words
You never looked so sad
Never seemed so hurt
To put it into sentences
Would be to cut you into words

I’ll analyse the pieces
As they split off from the whole
Build myself a person
To build me a home

You’ll smoke yourself to death
Cough up half a lung
Stand your ground another night
Tell yourself you won

But blood it often sticks
Your hands will get colder still
Beg forgiveness one last time
Pray you’ve got the will

You’ll promise you will change
Promise that the most
Die inside a thousand times
And tell yourself you lost

You never looked so sad
Never seemed so hurt
To put it into sentences
Would be to cut you into words
Track Name: Darling, Your Lover
Darling, your lover
When asked “did you love her?”
Could only reply
With a smile and a wink

Broken hearted
To tell how it started
Was all I could do
Not to think

Truth is complacent
So I can be patient
Just waiting to hear
When you blink

If you can pardon
I did wait till you’d parted
To kiss you goodbye
I do think

It was all I could do not to shrink


Darling, I’d missed you
Desperate I was to
Hold on to something
That held on to me

So quickly I kissed you
I tried not to twist you
Until slyly you whispered
“Fuck off or fuck me”


Darling, your makeup
Running with tears that jumped
Up from the bottom
Of the heart that you hide

Beneath your self loathing
A case well worth closing
Was growing a rose of its own
In the night

Though I tried with conviction
To sit and just listen
To talk through the pain
I can do nothing right
Track Name: Awe
Track Name: Resign
I will make the sacrifice
Atop the hill where she’ll decide
If I do have a worthy mind
To warm her heart and make it kind

Till all her colours turn to red
I will not lay down my head
When my burden takes its toll
Deliver me unto the hole

Where I can rest
A final time
The battle won
She will decide
I will rest
A final time
The battle won

Condemn my body to the rough
I swear I’m made of sterner stuff
Than sweeter fruits which over time
Will faint and die still on the vine

Such an oath I make to her
It drives her mad, her eyes do burn
I raise a hand to dry her eyes
Her own still flat upon her thigh

Where they did rest
A final time
Her battle lost
She will resign
To let them rest
A final time
Her battle lost

I was aware throughout her dream
The people screamed out for their queen
To stand herself and make it known
She’d take her place upon their throne

Cities cried, all hope was lost
She’d broken through, but at what cost?
To lose herself into the void
Is loss something with which to toy?

Now she rests
Her final time
My battle lost
I will resign
Now she rests
Her final time
Her battle lost

Now she rests
Frozen with fear
Eyes locked shut
She cannot bear
To watch her kingdom
Fall in flames
To let it go
Track Name: How it Began
Summer day
She wakes up
Puts on no makeup
No perfume

Dark outside
Ahead of time
You fit in just fine
It’s perfect

We’ll walk in the sun
Oh that’s how it began
And we’ll talk when it rains
She understands my pains

At night I hold her tight
While we dance
And know
I might just take that chance

Times like this
Seldom seen
Birds in the trees
Don’t stop singing

We’ll walk in the sun
Oh that’s how it began
And we’ll talk when it rains
She understands my pains